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Idaho Divorce

How can I best protect my children? Will I be able to adequately support my children and myself after divorce? What property will I receive in my divorce? How will our debt be paid? How long does it take to get divorced? How much does divorce cost? These are just some of the questions that you have asked or will ask yourself as you begin the divorce process.

"Divorce" is the process by which your marriage to your spouse is legally ended. At the conclusion of the divorce process you will again be an unmarried person. If you have children, the Court's divorce decree will provide for the care and support of your children. The decree will also provide for the division of your property and will include a division of the debts that you and your spouse owe.

At Idaho Legal Solutions we have over 30 years of experience in family law. We can answer these and any other questions you have concerning the divorce process. Our experience enables us to help you define realistic expectations and goals based on the facts of your case and the law that governs divorce in Idaho. We help you make informed decisions concerning the divorce process.

We believe that fair settlements are preferable to litigation (especially when the custody of children is involved). If it appears to you and to us that such a settlement is possible we will steer your case down a path which enhances the possibility of settlement. If a reasonable settlement is not possible or if the settlement process fails, then we will manage the legal process through trial on your behalf so that you receive the fair and appropriate outcome that you should receive.

Please contact us so that we can answer your questions about the divorce process.